Bicycle Sizing Stem
Bicycle Sizing Stem

Bicycle Sizing Stem

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  • Single-bolt top-mounted clamp for easy handlebar changes.
  • Large thumb screw for quicker stem length adjustments.
  • Stem length adjustment from 60 – 150mm in 5mm increments.
  • CNC machined grooves in handlebar clamp for increased grip on bars.
  • Stem angle adjustment achieved by loosening one of two side screws then smoothly moving stem angle within +/- 25° range.


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Dial In Handlebar Position with the Bicycle Sizing Stem

This is the perfect tool to dial in your client’s handlebar position. By changing out the client’s stem with our Bicycle Sizing Stem you are able to quickly adjust reach and angle to find the best stem length and angle for your customer. After finding the ultimate position for your client, just document the length and angle shown on the sizing stem. Now it is easy to get the exact stem your client needs.

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 9. x 3 x 3 in
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