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PURELY CUSTOM is a diversified manufacturer of professional fit bikes and tools, as well as personalized bicycle accessories for the bicycle industry. PURELY CUSTOM offers a full range of software, fit platforms, fit bikes and tools that have become the gold standard with bicycle fitting professionals worldwide. These fit products are used by some of the world’s top fitting and performance professionals, such as Paraic McGlynn of Cyclologic. These fit products are the logical choice for all fitters, since they integrate and complement the tools already in their studio.

PURELY CUSTOM’s personalized bicycle accessories offer shop owners the best and most permanent way to brand the bikes they sell, as well as a great way for consumers to personalize their ride!

PURELY CUSTOM, also, brings expert designing and machining capabilities to the consumer. The Purely Custom team is a division of Seastrom Manufacturing Co. Inc., which has been servicing the aerospace/aircraft industry, military/government programs, as well as over 15,000 manufacturers in numerous industries for the past 75 years.

PURELY CUSTOM has now made it possible for an individual to get the same high-end designing and machining that companies like Boeing, General Motors, and General Electric have enjoyed for years. Since the consumer works directly with PURELY CUSTOM designers, their dreams can become a reality. And because we are the manufacturer, reality isn’t that expensive.

PURELY CUSTOM’s team of professionals pride themselves in providing customers with more than they bargained for. For more information on how to get started on a custom part design product, go to our “Custom Part Process” page.

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