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The lowdown on PURELY CUSTOM is pretty simple, we have a passion for cycling and the bike fitting industry and we want to keep making it better. The fact that we are a manufacturer allows us to research our theories, gather ideas and tinker with them under our own roof until we get it perfect.  Many of our ideas and fit tools had to be deciphered from a rough napkin drawing or an idea from a bike fitter before they found themselves into our state of the art manufacturing process.  It's obvious that we haven't been idle.  PURELY CUSTOM offers a full range of software, fit platforms, fit bikes and tools that have become the gold standard with bicycle fitting professionals worldwide. These fit products are used by some of the world’s top fitting and performance professionals, such as Paraic McGlynn of Cyclologic. These fit products are the logical choice for all fitters, since they integrate and complement the tools already in their studio.

PURELY CUSTOM’s personalized bicycle accessories offer shop owners the best and most permanent way to brand the bikes they sell, as well as a great way for consumers to personalize their ride!

PURELY CUSTOM, also, brings expert designing and machining capabilities to the consumer. The Purely Custom team is a division of Seastrom Manufacturing Co. Inc., which has been servicing the aerospace/aircraft industry, military/government programs, as well as over 15,000 manufacturers in numerous industries for the past 75 years.

PURELY CUSTOM has now made it possible for an individual to get the same high-end designing and machining that companies like Boeing, General Motors, and General Electric have enjoyed for years. Since the consumer works directly with PURELY CUSTOM designers, their dreams can become a reality. And because we are the manufacturer, reality isn’t that expensive.

PURELY CUSTOM’s team of professionals pride themselves in providing customers with more than they bargained for. For more information on how to get started on a custom part design product, go to our "Custom Part Process" page.

Vintage Presses

Manufacturing Is Nothing New For Us

In 1928 Wensil Seastrom founded a company in a neighbor's garage in Glendale, California.  He most likely never imagined the company would become known as one of the nation's leading manufacturers of standard and custom assembly hardware.  In 1957  Wensil Seastrom was awarded  a patent for a punch press feeding mechanism, a device for feeding work-stock through a machine tool.  He described it as a very simple device which will feed material through a press with unvarying precision.  He also most likely never imagined that this company known as Seastrom Manufacturing would make it possible for Purely Custom to evolve and become the number one choice of bike fitting professionals worldwide.  Now in the third generation, Bob Seastrom leads Seastrom Manufacturing and Purely Custom, maintaining a level of high-end designing and machining producing products with unvarying precision as Wensil described.  In 1994 Seastrom Manufacturing relocated to Twin Falls, Idaho where it currently designs and manufactures products for Seamstrom Manufacturing and Purely Custom.

Manufactured in Twin Falls, Idaho, U.S.A.

As a division of Seastrom Manufacturing, Purely Custom is part of a family run corporation located in a state-of-the-art 100,000 square foot facility in Twin Falls, Idaho.  After 66 years in Glendale, California, The opportunity to combine facilities into one building and live and work in a beautiful place like Southern Idaho, turned out to be a great decision.  Our team in the factory is quite familiar with precision manufacturing and each of them take quality seriously.  Made in the USA , means precision and creating something of quality that will last.  Anyone who has picked up a Wheel Riser immediately notes how this bike fitting tool is durable, well built and thoughtfully designed.  Our design engineers are constantly busy working on new ideas and building prototypes based on what we hear from our Strategic Partners, bicycle dealers, and our customers.  When you have a passion for cycling and you're this involved in the bike fitting industry, you just can't be idle.

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